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JAMU - Raw Spruce for Self-Decoration

JAMU - Raw Spruce for Self-Decoration

This JAMU is untreated and can be painted and decorated as desired. It is particularly suitable if you want a frame in your preferred color. The possibilities are diverse, depending on individual interests and requirements. The untreated JAMU provides a versatile canvas for creative ideas and projects.



  • For a farewell gift for the kindergarten teacher, it can be personalized by the children.
  • Or paint the JAMU in the child's favorite color.
  • Create the JAMU as a unique gift. You can customize it according to the recipient's preferences and interests.
  • Use the JAMU as a team or group activity, for example, at children's birthdays or in school. Everyone can personalize their own JAMU.


The JAMU offers space for over 100 drawings and can be opened, filled and rotated from landscape to portrait format directly on the wall.The JAMU is now also available in A6 for photos and postcards.

View and archive childrens drawings with JAMU. He brings order to the chaos of drawings and conjures up a proud smile on the faces of up-and-coming artists or, of course, seasoned illustrators.

The timeless design fits into almost every household and can be beautifully combined with other picture frames. The frame can be stood up or hung with the included wall mount.

We pay attention to short transport routes and local production. The picture frames are produced together with the Stiftung Züriwerk in Bubikon.

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    • frame
    • Fastening incl. Fischer dowels
    • assembly Instructions
    • postcard set

    The A6 always includes 2 picture frames.

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