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Bilderrahmen mit offenen Deckel bei welchem ein Bild eingeschoben wird

JAMU displays, protects and keeps it neat and tidy.

JAMU, the perfect solution for all the works of art that our children create almost every day. Children's creativity is limitless. The frame offers space for over 100 pictures. It is sustainable, 99% plastic-free and produced locally in Switzerland. In addition, JAMU is super easy to assemble, rotatable and magnetic.

Der Deckel des Rahmens kann mit einem Griff geöffnet werden
Video wie das Bild in den Rahmen eingeschoben wird


Whether in a portrait or landscape format, JAMU is very easy to position. Insert the picture, put the lid into place and turn the frame by 90° - ready. A single screw, centrally mounted, makes it possible. So it doesn't matter which format the little artists work in.


  • A6 suitable for postcards and photos in DIN A6 paper (external dimensions 200 × 155 × 40 mm)

  • A4 Suitable for DIN A4 paper (external dimensions 348 × 260 × 40 mm)

  • A3suitable for DIN A3 paper (external dimensions 470 × 348 × 40 mm)


The JAMU is currently available in 12 different versions.

  • Oak (oiled)

  • maple (white glazed)

  • fir (oiled)

  • fir  (raw for decorating and painting)

Limited Editions in A6 (oiled)

Cherry tree, douglas fir, thermo beech, beech,

chestnut, pear, walnut, elm, acacia

Stimmungsbild im Wohnzimmer der Ausführung Eiche A4
Bild der verschiedenen Holzausführungen

A present for grandma?

Whether for the pictures of your grandchildren, godchildren, friends and acquaintances or the imminent birth: the JAMU picture frame is not only the perfect gift for your own children.


Currently our stock is filled. The frames can be ordered in our shop. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay informed about the current status.

Der JAMU ist auch für eine Bilderwand toll. Es gibt ihn in verschiedenen Formaten.

Production and processing

Sustainable materials, local production: The JAMU are produced with the  Züriwerk Foundation in Bubikon. Züriwerk is committed to ensuring that people with impairments have equal rights and self-determination to participate in social life. It offers people with predominantly cognitive impairments diverse and individualised opportunities to live, work and learn a profession. To this end, they receive specific counselling, guidance and support in all areas of life.

Here you can find an interview with JAMU.

Die Profile liegen bereit. Sie kommen aus einer Schweizer Schreinere. Das Holz stammt aus der Schweiz bzw. der EU.
jeder Massivholzrahmen wird von hand zusammen gebaut
Wir arbeiten mit einer lokalen Werkstätte zusammen
Die Rahmen werden im Züriwerk produziert

We are JAMU

We are Jacqueline and Cengiz, parents of two small children. Drawing, crafting, building, with or without kids: we love to be creative in our free time and to develop new ideas for family and friends. For example, our JAMU picture frame.


Our inspiration - our children
Children love to draw, paint and give their little works of art as presents. Dinos, unicorns, houses, trees and cars: of course we are happy about it.


But where to put this abundance of ever new drawings? Collecting folders are overflowing, drawers too. Every now and then, a work of art even ends up secretly in the waste paper, which is particularly painful for us parents. That's why we sat down and developed a practical and visually attractive solution. The result is called JAMU.

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